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RECALL: Defective Seat Belts Found in One Million GM Cars

General Motors has been having a hard time for years, ever since the company launched a recall ten years after consumers started reporting issues with some of its vehicles. At the time, reports proved that countless people had been involved in accidents because of the equipment failure. After an investigation, we also learned that GM executives knew about the risks early on, and despite the risks, they decided to refrain from acting on what they knew. The result was deadly. Ten years later, impacted vehicles were finally recalled, but not before dozens of lives were lost.

Now, General Motors has launched another major recall tied to 1.04 million pickup trucks. The good thing now is that, this time around, the recall campaign was launched promptly, which may have helped to save lives.

According to a series of reports on this particular recall, vehicles listed under this recall include the 2014 and 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks. These vehicles were recalled after the company learned that the flexible steel cables used to connect the seat belt to the vehicle may come separated. If that occurs, the driver may not be protected in the event of an auto crash.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles should stay alert. If the company does not contact you soon, reach out to a GMC or Chevy dealer so the staff is able to enlarge the side shield opening and install a bracket on the tensioner in order to correct the issue. If necessary, the company will also replace the tensioner assembly. All repairs should be carried out for free.
Consumers may click here to read the full report.

According to a series of reports, at least 142,000 vehicles sold outside of the United States were also impacted.

Hopefully, consumers with the recalled vehicles are quick to make sure that dealers are able to have access to the vehicle for a full repair. If you aren’t able to ensure the vehicle is fixed as soon as possible, do not drive the vehicle until it has been repaired.

This particular recall impacts the 2014 and 2015 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks. Since the recalled vehicles come with seat belts that may not work correctly, exposing consumers to serious risks. To avoid injuries and make sure that others who may drive your vehicle are also protected, make sure to have the vehicles inspected and then fixed. Waiting until an accident happens for you to have your vehicle repaired could be irresponsible.

You may follow this link to read more on this recall.

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