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Ready For Memorial Day Weekend? Follow These Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is here! Believe it or not, this holiday is a busy one not just for stores on Monday, but also for law enforcement agents who work around the clock to make sure that roads are safe for drivers all across the state.

For those of you who are planning on spending the entire holiday safely at home, taking out the grill for some quality time outdoors, remember that you should never place the grill too close to anything that could catch fire. Make sure to keep pets and children out of the reach of any warm or hot surface, and make sure you’re using long-handled tools.

For those of you who are hitting the road during the Memorial Day holiday, there are some safety tips you should follow before sitting behind the wheel.

Before packing the car with any luggage and your family, of course, make sure your car is well-maintained. Check the tires, see if oil needs to be changed, and make sure that your car is ready to withstand the duration of your trip.

Once you’re ready to drive it, remember to only hit the road once you’re well-rested. Drowsy driving and long holidays don’t mix.

If you’re not traveling far but you are planning on attending to parties with friends, make use of a car service if you’re planning on drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking and driving is a serious risk and it’s during holidays such as Memorial Day that things may get out of hand.

When driving remember that many drivers aren’t as responsible as you. Stay extra alert during the entire trip and make sure you’re not acting erratically. Under many circumstances, drivers may also become distracted while behind the wheel. Let your passengers know you need to focus at all times.

By following these safety tips both while driving and while staying home, you will be able to have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

Click here for more tips on how to avoid accidents or other potential issues during your holiday.

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