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Pedestrian Safety: Avoid Crashes by Following These Tips

Pedestrian safety is important. Especially now that most drivers and pedestrians are using their smartphones while attempting to make it home in one piece.

In order to help pedestrians understand the importance of following certain safety steps in order to avoid injury crashes, many safety experts decided to come up with lists filled with important tips and advice that help pedestrians have a better idea of what they should do to stay safe.

In many states, jaywalking is illegal. Unfortunately, many pedestrians are injured in accidents while crossing at crosswalks or at intersections.

In order to avoid crashes completely, safety advocates have been urging pedestrians to always look left, right, and then left again before attempting to cross. Also, making eye contact with drivers before crossing means that they have seen you. Assuming that drivers will stop simply because you’re a pedestrian at a crosswalk is not enough, safety advocates say. Instead of leaving it to chance, pedestrians should yield to any approaching vehicles while crossing, even if they have the right of way. Too often, drivers are distracted by their phones, and they fail to see pedestrians are about to cross. Making sure you’re alert and prepared to yield may save your life.

What pedestrians must also keep in mind, experts say, is that crossing the street at crosswalks and intersections is safer than jaywalking, mostly because drivers expect to see pedestrians at crosswalks.

When crossing, make sure to be patient and keep to the right of the crosswalk. Also, make sure you walk, not run.

Experts say that, most importantly, pedestrians should stay particularly alert when they spot vehicles turning right on red or left at an intersection. Since motorists are busy looking out for other vehicles, they may end up ignoring that there’s a pedestrian attempting to cross.

Avoid injuries by focusing on the road and yielding if necessary.

When walking alongside the road, use the sidewalk at all times. If there’s a patch of the road with no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the roadway in order to face traffic. That will help you see oncoming traffic, which will give you a better idea of how to behave in order to avoid potential accidents.

For more information on how to be a safe pedestrian, watch the video below or click here.

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