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Paralympic Champion Speaks Out Against Distracted Driving

Drivers are often distracted not only by their cell phones and navigation systems. All too often, motorists are led to believe they can drive and talk to passengers extensively without getting carried away, allowing tragedy to strike. Unfortunately for many innocent bystanders, passengers, drivers, and cyclists, distraction increases the risks of crash to everyone, not just the distracted driver.

It’s with that idea in mind that Paralympic champion Stephani Victor decided to use her story to urge others to stop driving while distracted.

Her inspirational story began 20 years ago, when a 17-year-old driver crashed into the car the then USC Film School graduate had been loading. According to the Paralympic star, the vehicle moved due to the impact and ended up “crushing her.” That’s when Victor’s life changed completely.

Instead of complaining about what life gave her, Victor went on to become a Paralympic athlete with five medals, two of them are gold.

Now, Victor is joining the nationwide campaign to put an end to distracted driving by going to high schools across the country to talk about the dangers associated with the activity.

At the time of the accident that changed her life forever, the 17-year-old driver had only had a license for 10 days prior to the day of the crash. To the Paralympic champion, drivers must remember that they have a responsibility to keep others safe by doing all in their power to avoid crashes. Instead of looking at the problem as simply an issue that could lead to citations, drivers, and especially young and inexperienced drivers, are urged to look at distracted driving the same way they are taught to look at intoxicated driving. Neither of these activities are safe, and motorists must act accordingly.

If you’re a parent and your child is learning how to drive, share the video below with him or her. Do not allow your children to learn how to drive without teaching them about the importance of focusing on the road.

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