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Over 51 Million Cars Were Impacted by Auto Recalls in 2015

In 2014, automakers recalled 50.99 million vehicles nationwide. While 2014 broke the previous recall record, automakers have broken this record again in 2015.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a record 51.26 million vehicles were recalled in 2015 nationwide. Many experts claim that this surge in the number of recalls is associated with how government has been focusing on cracking down on companies that allow vehicles to leave the factory with equipment problems. But to many others, the fact that companies are under greater scrutiny since General Motors recalled millions of cars that had been killing its owners for a decade may have a lot to do with the increased number of recalls.

But GM’s recall campaign was not the only major one that impacted consumers directly. Takata Corp.’s major autor recall campaign impacted several automakers. The vehicles fitted with the recalled air bag inflators produced by Takata could expose occupants to major injury risks. Since the inflators may rupture as the air bags are deployed, metal fragments may impact occupants, increasing the risk of major injuries.

According to the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency’s decision to investigate potential defects and press companies to have them addressed may have a lot to do with the increased number of recalls. Staying proactive may also help to put pressure on automakers to develop safer vehicles. It’s imperative that carmakers identify potential issues long before the vehicles leave the factory. Too often, however, consumers are urged before a recall is launched.

Audits have recently indicated that the NHTSA often relies only on reports regarding safety defects coming from automakers. In the absence of these reports, the agency fails to keep an eye on potential defects. That’s why many are urging the NHTSA to take a different approach so more investigations are carried out and more companies are called out for ignoring potentially serious defects.

Here at our firm, we believe that safety should always come first.

Consumers who are injured in auto accidents caused by equipment failure should never allow companies to carry on with the practice of ignoring defects in the name of profit.

Automakers are now under pressure to develop cars that are safer and more intelligent than ever before. This pressure will help to keep them from ignoring potential defects. But consumers must not stay quiet. If you experience an equipment problem with your vehicle, report the incident to the NHTSA as well as the manufacturer. These reports help the authorities to identify potential risks in order to pressure automakers to act.

If you would like to learn more about the major auto recalls of 2015, follow this link to read the full report.

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