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Officers Urge Teens To Avoid Distracted Driving This Prom Season

Distracted driving is a serious problem, especially among the young drivers out there who are not yet aware of the serious risks they are exposed to when they use their phones behind the wheel. In order to address this issue, many law enforcement agencies across the country are launching campaigns that want to raise awareness to the risks associated with distracted driving.

In some locations, officials are even launching their own PSAs that educates students on the importance of not being distracted, especially during prom season.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one out of every three deadly crashes involving drunken teens happens between April and June, which is when, traditionally, they tend to do more drinking and driving — even though nobody should be drinking until they are 21-years-old.

But as distracted driving becomes a bigger issue among teens and young drivers, the activity begins to make teens more likely to be involved in serious if not deadly accidents as a result.

While most states across the country have laws in place that address distracted driving, many teens and young drivers ignore them. That’s unfortunate. After all, distraction makes drivers less likely to be able to act accordingly in the event of an emergency. Much like speeding, distracted driving slows down the driver’s response time.

If you’re a teen or a young driver or if your child is learning how to drive, think about the serious dangers you may be faced with if you give in to distraction. Parents must also teach their children about the importance of being responsible drivers. Do not ignore how important it is to keep reminding young teens the importance of focusing on the road.

We’re glad to learn that more law enforcement agencies are also working on educational campaigns. Enforcement of distracted driving laws is essential, but educating the public — and especially the young — is what makes the difference.

Click here to read more on this PSA and how it could help drivers to be better and safer over time.

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