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Officers Urge Drivers to Focus on Road Safety this Holiday

As the year draws to a close, many families pack up and hit the road in order to spend some quality time with loved ones in other cities or states. But with the holiday comes the wintertime, the time of the year that driving becomes just a little more dangerous.

An accident that happened on December 4th is forcing many law enforcement agents to step up their enforcement and urge Washington drivers to stay vigilant.

The accident involved a Good Samaritan who had stopped his vehicle to check on the driver of a semi-truck that had rolled over along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90. The Good Samaritan was unfortunately the victim of an accident himself at milepost 81 as a result.

According to the Washington State Patrol, this is the second person to die along a state highway within a three day period.

In order to make sure other drivers and good citizens are not exposing themselves to unnecessary dangers, officers with the WSP decided to put together a list of roadside and road safety tips that could help. By knowing how to act, what to expect, and how to avoid risks while stopped by the roadside, many Washingtonians will be able to avoid deadly crashes.

Some of the most important safety tips include recommendations regarding planning ahead.

According to the CHP, drivers should stay off the roads if the weather is not ideal. So keeping an eye out for weather reports could help you to stay safe.

When planning a travel, give yourself enough time to arrive, taking into consideration the weather and how it could make your trip take longer than initially expected. Giving yourself time will help you to arrive at your destination safely.

While on the road, avoid speeding. Respect speed limits and increase the following distance so you have enough time to maneuver to safety in the event of an emergency.

If you witness a collision, contact 911 immediately. Remember that you must be able to give the dispatcher information on the collision. If you stop to help, keep your vehicle off of the roadway.

Activate your hazards so other drivers know that there’s an emergency ahead.

Avoid parking your vehicle in a spot where another car could slide into. Also, do not put yourself in danger to help someone. Things may happen too quickly, and if you do not have enough training, you may end up involved in a crash as well. During the wintertime, harsh weather conditions may end up making it harder for other drivers to see what you’re doing on the side of the road, making matters worse.
Officers remind drivers that stopping to help could also further injure the person you’re trying to rescue. If there isn’t an immediate reason to remove occupants or help drivers out of their vehicles, stay put until help arrives.

Click here for more tips and have a safe holiday season.

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