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New Tech Puts an End to Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious issue. And while it’s mostly due to the use of technology, only technology is capable of making a difference.

According to a series of news reports, 2014 saw 32,675 people dying in car crashes nationwide. Under 10 percent of the victims were involved in distracted driving crashes. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t show any signs of waning down. In order to help drivers stay connected while on the go without putting their lives in danger, a new technology known as Navdy is starting to get more attention from the public.

While not cheap, Navdy is able to bring together most desirable features a new vehicle could have such as Bluetooth, vice commands, head-up-display, and others. The aftermarket head-up-display is designed to mount to the car or truck’s dashboard in order to void distractions all together. Once connected, the system receives information from the car’s onboard diagnostic port. This information is then used throughout the drive.

Navdy is filled with features such as navigation systems, which drivers can access by plugin in destinations and pairing the phone to the unit. Through Bluetooth, Navidy users are able to control their phones’ applications without having to handle the device. With gesture control, Navdy users are also able to detect the user waving his or her hand to the left or to the right, making it easy for drivers to, for instance, accept phone calls. With the help from the hand gesture feature, the technology is also able to read a text message out loud so the driver doesn’t have to be distracted.

With the features available through Navdy, the driver is able to remain focused at all times, even as he gets step-by-step instructions on how to arrive at a certain destination.

With this technology added to your vehicle’s dashboard, you may never ave to reach out to your phone again, making distracted driving crashes less likely. But not only that, you may never have to feel overwhelmed by your phone or your navigation system due to the system’s easy-to-use gesturing features.

If you’re curious to know more on how this technology may help you to avoid crashes all through the year, click here. In the meantime, avoid distractions by never using your phone while behind the wheel.

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