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Deadly Mount Vernon Accident Reminds Us Of Importance Of Being Responsible

A horrific accident in Mount Vernon in Washington has resulted in two deaths. The two-car collision is under investigation by the local law enforcement.

The vehicle carrying the two people who passed away was a silver passenger car. The vehicle was allowed to cross the center line and then it went sideways when a white car ended up crashing into it in the opposite lanes of Little Mountain Road.

While we’re not sure what caused this tragic accident, we know certain factors lead to similar collisions.


Drivers who are often distracted, driving erratically or speeding, intoxicated, or drowsy and too tired to drive may experience similar crashes.

Unfortunately, drivers find themselves in these situations quite often. That’s why we at Bernard Law Group believe it’s important to continue talking about different types of accidents so that drivers know what to avoid.

In this case, since we do not know what caused the accident, we hope that drivers understand that distracted driving and intoxicated driving may cause similar crashes.

When drivers are distracted, they often ignore what is going on around them. As such, they are more likely to crash because they may not be able to act quickly enough to act in case there’s an emergency.

Drunken and intoxicated drivers may also experience similar accidents because the alcohol may cause the driver’s response time to slow down considerably, and an accident may take place.

We hope that the families of those who lost their lives in this accident are receiving the attention and support they require in this time of need. We also hope that this accident will remind our clients and readers that being responsible drivers will save their lives.

Drinking and driving as well as distracted driving and driving even when you’re too tired to could cause you to drive into the oncoming traffic. Avoiding those scenarios will prevent this type of accident.

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