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Motorcyclist Killed In Multi-Vehicle Accident

As we go into a long holiday weekend, we learn that a deadly motorcycle accident has just taken place in Pierce County, Washington. As we urge our readers and clients to be extremely cautious during this holiday, we also urge them to remember that during holidays such as this, more drivers and motorcycle riders will be hitting the roads all across Washington state.

If you’re not alert to the road, if you’re not following road rules, and if you’re not driving defensively, you might be a victim.

The latest motorcycle accident happened Thursday afternoon, the Washington State Patrol reported.

According to the reports, a male motorcycle rider was involved in an accident that was sparked by a semi truck. The large vehicle was on eastbound SR 512 when it hit a car trying to change lanes. Due to the impact, the car crashed into a pickup truck going eastbound and then the semi truck hit yet another pickup truck. Eventually, the last pickup truck hit another vehicle. At some point during the confusion, the motorcycle rider ended up getting caught up, either while trying to avoid a collision or because one of the cars or trucks ended up crashing into him. The rider was declared dead at the scene.

One of the drivers involved and the two children occupying the car were taken to a hospital in Tacoma for treatment. No other injuries were reported.

Since the accident involved so many vehicles and a fatality was reported, the investigation is ongoing and not much else has been said about the potential factors that may have led to this multi-vehicle collision.

As you can see, the slightest mistake can lead to a chain reaction when you’re sharing the road with several vehicles. And unfortunately, these messy incidents may lead to injuries and even deaths.

We are saddened that the Labor Day weekend has started like this in Washington, especially knowing that so many people were involved and that a death could have been prevented. We hope the victim’s family is receiving the attention and care they deserve in this time of need and we hope that the driver and children who were injured are receiving the treatment they require to get better fast.

If you would like to learn more about this accident, follow this link.

Have a safe holiday.

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