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Mock Funeral Teaches Teens About Distracted Driving

In North Dakota, students of a local public school are learning about the dangers associated with distracted driving through unconventional ways.

According to a series of news reports, the students were brought to the Midway Public School gymnasium where they sat before a coffin for a mock funeral.

During the event, a teacher walked up to the podium to let students know that a senior and one of their colleagues had died in a distracted driving crash.

The speech delivered before the several students served as a way to remind them that this particular funeral might be just for show, but that in reality, tragic distracted driving crashes happen frequently. At some point, the teacher also opened up about a personal distracted driving story involving her son. Many of the parents who were listening to the teacher were in tears.

To students in attendance, the entire show was shocking. Many told organizers that they felt touched by the scene. The mock funeral helped them to put things in perspective.

With the mock funeral and the teacher’s participation, students were able to see for themselves what the consequences of distracted driving can look—and feel—like.

While many participants were somewhat nervous about how the students were going to react to the scene, the result was overall positive.

To many safety advocates, these types of events are important because they help young drivers to understand the importance of driving safely.

Attention and focus on the road help to avoid accidents. Distraction makes it difficult for drivers to predict what may happen. When your attention is torn between the road and the phone, you’re less likely to identify potential risks ahead and adjust appropriately.

Teens and young drivers are often led to believe they are invincible and that distracted driving is not a serious problem. That’s why awareness is important.

When young drivers understand that their actions have consequences, they are less likely to pick up their phones while behind the wheel.

Parents must also keep in mind that leading by example is also important. Making sure that you’re never using your phone while behind the wheel will send a strong message to your children.

If you’re curious to know more about this event and how the students reacted, follow this link.

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