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Man Seriously Injured In Seattle Car Vs Train Accident

Many train accidents are often ignored by the Washington public because of a lack of deaths or severe injuries. Still, many people who are impacted by these types of accidents suffer injuries and property damage that force them to undergo painful, costly treatments. And sometimes, these victims are even forced to lost wages due to the time they have to dedicate to their medical treatments.

The car versus train accident happened in Seattle

According to local news organizations, a driver was taken to the hospital after his vehicle crashed into a Sound Transit light rail train. The South Seattle accident happened on a Friday night.

Officials say that at about 6 p.m., the car collided with the train on Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. near S. Myrtle Street.

According to the reports, the car was mangled on the side of the tracks and the 42-year-old driver was rushed to the hospital sustaining what officials called life-threatening injuries.

After the collision, the road’s southbound lanes had to be shut down so that emergency personnel and officials were able to investigate and clear the scene. While we’re unsure how the accident happened and what factors may have led to this collision, we are saddened that somebody was seriously injured.

Still, we hope officials are investigating this accident thoroughly so they are able to identify what factor led to this accident. This will help other Seattle drivers to avoid the same injuries associated with this accident by learning just how they should act to avoid this type of collision.

Many of our readers and clients rely on these reports to learn the new risks associated with traveling to Seattle and surrounding areas

We are glad people are being able to learn from other people’s mistakes but we also hope that more is done to make our trains and roads safer for all commuters in the beautiful Evergreen State.

As personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen our share of horrific car and train accidents and we want to continue helping the victims the best way we can. Part of that is to pressure public officials and motorists alike to be better and to do all in their power to help keep our roads safe.

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