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Major Salmonella Outbreak Continues to Impact Consumers

It’s been a tough year for food consumers nationwide. With companies like Chipotle struggling to identify the sources of food poisoning outbreaks that occurred in several states, other incidents involving contaminated food consumption are still concerning health officials.

One particular outbreak that began with the sale of cucumbers between August 1st and September 3rd continues to puzzle health officials as the number of individuals falling ill continues to grow.
According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the number of individuals who have fallen ill after being exposed to Salmonella Poona, the same organism tied to the original cucumber-related outbreaks, has grown to 888.

Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce recalled the products on September 4th. Since then, the company has been named in several lawsuits associated with the tainted cucumbers.

So far, Salmonella Poona tied to the cucumbers was responsible for 191 hospitalizations. At least six people who have been exposed to the bacteria died, although two cases did not mention Salmonella infection as a factor.
California and Arizona were hit the hardest, but now, the infection has expanded to 39 states. While the products were removed from store shelves by September, there have been over 100 illnesses reported since then. To health officials, the source of the new illnesses is still unknown. As CDC officials investigate, consumers are urged to stay alert.

Until the source is identified, consumers are urged to seek the attention of a doctor as soon as they begin feeling the symptoms of Salmonella infections. The symptoms may include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.
Officials had expected the number of Salmonella Poona-related illnesses to be much lower by now. Unfortunately, the number of illnesses continues to climb.

Consumers should see these incidents as a reminder that contaminated food products may make their way to their table. Following food safety practices to ensure cross-contamination does not occur during food preparation at home is also important.

But staying on top of recall reports is also important.

When the Food and Drug Administration or another regulatory agency announces a food recall report that impacts a product they consume regularly, consumers should not ignore the announcement. Contact the manufacturer immediately or simply make sure to follow the recall’s instructions.

You may follow this link to read more details on the Salmonella Poona outbreak that has sickened over 800 people in the United States so far.

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