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Lakewood Fires Cop Who Was Drinking And Driving

A police officer crashed his police car in Gig Harbor, Washington, after dropping his son off at his ex-wife’s home. At the time, authorities found, the officer had two and one half times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, meaning he was drinking and driving. After the incident, the city manager terminated his contract, choosing to teach locals that nobody is above the law.

The decision wasn’t an easy one for local officials, reports show. After all, the officer served the Lakewood community for 15 years. Furthermore, he took responsibility for his actions, and didn’t try to blame it on others. Despite his decision to be conscious and honorable about it, the accident involving the city-owned 2012 Ford Escape resulted in the totaling of the car. Now, he has an ignition interlock present on all vehicles operated by him. This means he will always have to blow into a sensor before driving the car.

Drinking And Driving Is Not An Option


To city officials, the issue was that they could no longer trust the man. Much like any of us, when we drive while under the influence, we put lives in danger. After all, you’re not putting only your life in danger but others as well.

As an officer, the should know better than anyone else that the risks are very real. If he understood that reality, drinking and driving was not an option. And yet, it happened.

May this be an example to all drivers out there who think they can break the law and stay safe.

Avoiding accidents means following rules. Most importantly, it means being a responsible driver. If you drive regularly, you know that your car can be a weapon. Using it wisely is essential.

While we’re sad this accident happened, we’re glad that the officer did not get special treatment. This helps to show all drivers out there in Washington that they are not special either.

For more on this accident, follow this link.

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