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King County Accident Kills Driver, Sends Another To Hospital

A tragic King County accident resulted in the death of a man from Federal Way, sending a woman from Covington to the hospital with serious injuries.

This accident, reports indicate, appear to have happened after one of the vehicles hit debris on the road.

As personal injury attorneys, we deal with accidents such as this regularly, but are always shocked and heartbroken when crashes lead to deaths. Still, we maintain that it’s important for drivers to know about these accidents as they may be able to learn from the mistakes committed by others.

This particular accident happened at about 4:40 pm on Wednesday. The 2008 Ford Focus involved in the crash was traveling east on State Route 18 in King County while a 2015 Jeep Cherokee was traveling west. Suddenly, the Ford vehicle hit debris on the road that appear to have been heavy metal coming from the bottom of a vehicle. As a result, the driver lost control of the car, which ended up crossing the double yellow line, traveling into the westbound lanes where it crashed head-on against the Jeep.

Due to the severity of the crash, both vehicles were totaled, but what is worse is that the Ford driver was fatally injured while the Jeep driver was severely injured and rushed to the hospital.

At this point, officials are investigating the accident and should have more information regarding the collision and if any factor associated with drugs, alcohol, distraction, or others have contributed to this collision. Still, this collision serves to remind drivers that, oftentimes, debris will be present and if you’re not able to avoid hitting them, you might be involved in a similar accident.

We hope that the driver injured in this tragic accident is recovering fully and quickly. The victim’s family and friends are also in our thoughts, as we understand how they feel in this time of pain and confusion.

We urge drivers to stay alert to the road and their surroundings at all times and to avoid speeding so they are always ready to react accordingly to any issue they face ahead.

If you would like to learn more about this tragic accident, follow this link for the full article.

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