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Icy Road Behind Fatal Accident Near Quincy

A fatal accident that happened last week near Quincy should serve as a reminder that winter driving can be dangerous. As you prepare to hit the road to spend the holiday season with your loved ones, keep that in mind, acting accordingly and paying attention to icy road warnings issued by Washington authorities.

According to local news outlets, a semi slid off icy Highway 28 near the intersection of White Trail Road on Monday night, hitting a Dodge Caravan that had slid into a ditch.

Six people in the van were injured, including an 11-year-old child who was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment, and four other children and the driver, who were taken to the Quincy Valley Medical Center after the crash.

One of the passengers, a 64-year-old from Tacoma, died.

Authorities say the accident, which took place about five miles west of Quincy, was due to the icy conditions of the road.

Before Driving Home For The Holidays, Check The Weather

When driving under difficult weather conditions, drivers must be alert to the warnings issued by the authorities.

Before hitting the road, check the weather reports and verify whether the route you’re taking is in danger of being covered in ice or snow. Do not attempt to venture into snowstorms.

If your route includes mountain passes, stay on top of WSDOT statewide travel and road condition alerts at Clear all snow and ice from your car’s surfaces before leaving to avoid visibility problems, and make sure you pack your car with chains, jumper cables, extra blankets, water bottles, spare parts, and food in case of emergencies.

When driving, remember to always watch out for ice on the road, even if the pavement is dry. Don’t speed and maintain plenty of distance between your car and the vehicle ahead so you have enough room to stop in case of an emergency.

Stay safe to avoid an accident.

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