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High School Uses Mock Crash To Fight Distracted Driving

Many groups around the country help children to understand the importance of avoiding distracted driving. They often use campaigns that involve videos, social media, and even driving simulators that help teens to understand the importance of focusing on the road and not allowing distraction to take their attention away from what matters: the driving.

Many of these cool initiatives take place in Washington. But others don’t. And we like to report on the ones that really leave a mark.

One of such initiatives happened in Michigan, where a local high school joined forces with the police and fire departments to enact a car crash accident prompted by distracted driving.

High school students were faced with a truly horrific scene. As they walked out of school, they saw a police officer pull a white sheet over a body on the ground of the school’s parking lot. Firemen and first responders examined the scene of the wreck as, nearby, a student took a sobriety test.

As they watched that carefully orchestrated scene, they learned firsthand what a distracted driving crash looked like.

Some students played the victims but real-life detectives looked at the scene. The entire ordeal was inspired by actual distracted driving crashes these officials had investigated in the past.

To the students that watched as this scene unfolded, the entire idea of such a deadly crash happening right in front of them served as an eye-opener. After all, this type of accident could happen anywhere.

In order to learn how to avoid similar distracted driving crashes, students are urged to make better choices. But even those who know that, are often oblivious of the real world consequences. Seeing it firsthand helps them to understand the importance of staying focused on the road.

If you’re a parent and your teenager is learning how to drive, talk to them about the risks. Most importantly, explain to them that distracted driving is irresponsible driving. And that focus on the driving and on the road will help them to save lives.

For more on the story of how mock distracted driving crashes can help to raise awareness, click here.

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