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Govt to Invest in Self-Driving, V2V Technologies

The self-driving car tech debate continues to wage on. And as many companies compete to see which one is the first to come up with the new technology, local governments announce their own guidelines and regulatory plans to make sure residents are safe once these companies reach their goals.

Now, reports show that two senior US officials are looking into developing a plan that would accelerate the self-driving car tech’s creation and adoption across the country. The plan would make use of a series of real-world pilot projects that would cost the United States $4 billion dollars.

President Barack Obama added the plan to its 2017 federal budget proposal. If accepted by Congress, the funds would be used to carry out pilot programs that would test vehicles with the car-to-car communication technologies in designated areas throughout the country in the next ten years.

The current administration claims it wants to work with automakers on national policy in order to help the industry develop safe, reliable self-driving cars.

Before Congress is able to review the budget proposal, others are working to make sure companies like Google, Tesla, and others that are developing their own self-driving cars don’t have to deal with the regulatory roadblocks currently in place.

Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has promised to work on making sure that the new technologies are safe so red tape standing in the way of tech developers and car makers is remoted.

According to research reports released by Virginia Tech, self-driving cars are involved in 1.6 major crashes per one million miles, as opposed to 2.5 when it comes to vehicles driven by human motorists. The announcements concerning the $4 billion plan to have the government look into the self-driving tech followed the release of the Virginia Tech research.

To many safety advocates, the researchers’ findings show that self-driving cars are safe and should be made available to the public. But until companies perfect the system, it’s hard to know for certain when the public will have access to fully autonomous cars.

If you’re curious to know more about the government’s plan to look into the self-driving technology and the vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems, follow this link to read the full report.

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