Fox News Anchor Involved In Major Accident Due To Snowstorm

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January 24, 2019
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Bret Baier, the Fox News anchor, suffered minor injuries in a major accident in Montana on Monday morning. According to the news personality, he was driving to the airport after a skiing trip when he hit a big patch of ice, making it hard for him to stop the car. The vehicle then slid into the intersection of the road and crashed into a pickup truck. After the air bags deployed, the car careened into a ditch and flipped sideways.

Baier, who said they had only minor injuries, addressed the accident while on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. He said a man driving by saw the crash and stopped to help them out of the car.

The accident happened while it was snowing heavily and roads were incredibly slippery because of the ice. According to the Montana Highway Patrol, there were 255 accidents between Monday and Tuesday due to the snowstorm.

Prevent An Accident By Avoiding Driving In A Snowstorm

This accident and the many others that occurred due to the bad weather early this week prove that it’s important to pay attention to road conditions.

During a snowstorm, roads become icy and an accident becomes much more likely as vehicles may slide. Even drivers who are experienced and know what to do in these situations can experience issues.

To avoid accidents altogether, the most important thing to do is to completely avoid driving during a snowstorm. If you are planning a road trip, check the weather report beforehand to make sure it’s safe to leave the house at the planned time. If you cannot cancel the trip, postpone it or leave earlier to avoid hitting a snowstorm.

We’re glad to know the news anchor and his family are safe and sound and that authorities were able to help many others as well. We hope this story will help to raise awareness to the dangers associated with driving during a snowstorm. This could help others to prevent serious accidents.

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