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After Three DUI Accidents In A Row, Officials Urge Caution

DUI-related accidents has been a reality across the Evergreen State. As personal injury attorneys, this reality troubles us as we have helped countless victims of accidents caused by drunk and intoxicated drivers. Still, we continue to hear about these cases regularly.

According to several local news organizations, the Washington State Patrol has reported that at least three accidents that are being treated as DUI-related have been registered in the past four days.

These accidents have been happening to regularly that officials are saying they are extremely concerned.

The latest tragic DUI accident to happen recently took place on Sunday morning. Officials claim that a man drove west while traveling in the eastbound lane while on Interstate 90. As a result, he crashed head-on against a car traveling the correct direction. The driver who had not been intoxicated was killed at the scene.

Officials talking about the accident reminded drivers and passengers that law enforcers want to do all in their power to make sure everyone is making it home safe for their families. Unfortunately, many drivers who are reckless end up drinking or using drugs prior to hitting the road.

The deadly DUI accident to have happened just before Sunday’s involved a driver who was intoxicated with a mix of drugs. The driver was also distracted by a phone while operating the car. As a result, the driver swerved the vehicle, driving across several lanes on Interstate 5 just before he crashed into an SUV.

With so many DUI accidents happening in Seattle and other parts of Washington, we wonder if drivers are more prone to driving while under the influence now than they were before the state adopted different marijuana-related laws.

Regardless of what reasons drivers have to continue driving under the influence, we must keep on reminding our readers and clients that their safety depends on them being responsible. Drinking and driving or using drugs and driving can lead to serious if not deadly results.

Do not put your safety and the safety of others at risk.

Click here for more on what officials are saying about the high number in DUI-related accidents.

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