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Ford Recalls Half A Million Trucks Over Injury Concerns

Ford recalled 482,520 vehicles recently over seat reclining mechanisms that may fail. This recall is serious as it exposes occupants to possible injury risks. As a result, the firm is asking drivers to respond to this recall as soon as possible.

The firm stated that the half a million vehicles listed in this recall are from popular models, meaning that Americans across the country could be in danger.

According to the recall report, several of the F-series pickup trucks come with driver’s and/or passenger’s side manual front-seat back recliner mechanisms that miss a third pawl. These features keep the seats back, so if they are missing, the seats may snap back in the event of an accident. This could prevent the seat from restraining an occupant, which would expose him or her to injuries.

Vehicles linked to this recall include the 2010 through 2020 Ford F-150s, the 2019 and 2020 F-250s, F-350s, F-450s, and F-550s, as well as the 2020 Lincoln Aviators.

Dealers should be able to inspect the vehicles’ structures and then replace parts if necessary for free. The firm will begin to contact impacted car owners on Oct. 7, 2019.

Do Not Ignore Recalls Involving Injury Risks

This recall didn’t produce any injuries or injury-causing accidents according to the reports. However, it wouldn’t take much for an injury accident to occur. That shouldn’t be ignored as the vehicles listed under this recall are popular.

Whenever a car you drive regularly is listed under a recall campaign, do not delay. Contact the manufacturer and have a dealer check your vehicle immediately. This could save your life and others, as certain recalls impact cars that expose drivers to accident risks.

Fore more information on this Ford recall, you may click here for the full report. For information on other recalls as firms report on them, continue to visit our site or visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s site regularly for detailed information.

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