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Fiery Crash Involving Uber Car Results In Death

A tragic crash involving an Uber vehicle has also resulted in a fire, multiple reports have indicated. This terrible collision is still being investigated and Uber is now officially responding, claiming that learning about this tragedy is “deeply upsetting.”

According to a series of news reports, a 35-year-old man driving a 1997 Honda Accord was hit by a 2007 Nissan Xterra being driven by a 60-year-old Uber driver. The Honda, which was traveling north on Holman Road, went sideways into a tree, causing the car to be cut in half.

The man was rushed to the hospital after the accident where he was later pronounced dead.

But after the collision, the Uber vehicle continued to roll down the road for two blocks before crashing through the pumps of a gas station. As a result, the incident ignited a fireball. The fire went viral on social media, with people sharing videos of the tragic incident on Facebook and Twitter.

The Uber vehicle almost hit a person before hitting the gas station’s pumps.

The driver in the Uber didn’t suffer any injuries, but the 40-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident. Authorities who arrived at the scene checked the driver for signs of impairment and took a blood sample. But no details on whether the driver was impaired were released.

Regardless of what factor that led to this accident, it’s terribly saddening to see such a crash take place, especially because a death and a great deal of property loss took place as a result. We’re heartbroken that this tragic collision took place and hope that authorities are able to identify exactly what led to this tragedy. Others may learn from this driver’s mistake and make sure that similar crashes don’t occur in the future.

For more on this collision, follow this link.

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