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Fiat, Hyundai Launch Recalls Over Crash Concerns

Multiple reports have shown that at least two major automakers have launched auto recalls tied to crash risks.

According to the recall reports, Hyundai has recalled all 2017 Elantras after learning that these vehicles may have been fitted with Electronic Power Steering connectors that could lose electric power steering assistance as a result.

These vehicles may be involved in accidents since drivers may require higher steering efforts while traveling at lower speeds, making it harder for the driver to handle their vehicle. This increases the risk of crashes and puts the lives of car occupants in danger.

Hyundai has announced that all impacted vehicle owners will be contacted and that dealers will have the EPS motors replaced for free. You may reach out to the company directly for more info as Hyundai has announced that impacted vehicle owners will be contacted only after April 28.

Fiat Chrysler has also launched a recall campaign impacting about 30,000 vehicles, reports show.

According to the firm, The Fiat 500L vehicles of the 2014 year model have been known to suffer from an issue that may prevent the vehicle from accelerating under certain circumstances.

Since the recalled units come with powertrain control modules that may have not been properly calibrated, causing it to limit the engine to only idle speed and torque. Since this problem could appear even if the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, the vehicle may not accelerate properly and a crash may occur.

Consumers will be contacted about this problem in early May. But until then, they must be aware that if they fully release the gas pedal and then press it again, the vehicle will perform as intended. So far, no accidents or injuries have been associated with this recall. Nevertheless, people are urged caution.

Whether you were impacted by a Fiat or a Hyundai recall, you may reach out to the manufacturer directly to learn more about the campaign and what to do to stay safe.

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