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Father Of 5 Killed In Bicycle Crash

Here at our offices, we’re familiar with a series of types of collisions. Our clients often suffer serious injuries due to crash, and because of their pain and suffering, they tend to lose wages, being penalized both financially and physically due to the negligence of others. Thus, whenever we hear of a heart-breaking crash involving a cyclist in our beloved Seattle, we report on it. Our readers and clients must be made aware of these incidents. Perhaps like this, we’re able to teach a greater number of people about the importance of following road rules and staying focused.

The latest tragic crash to have occurred locally took the life of a father of five children. According to local news sources, the man was an immigrant who had come to America to seek a better life, hoping to be able to give his family some comfort. Unfortunately, his plans were not fully materialized as his life has been lost due to a tragic crash.

The man was riding his bicycle from one of his jobs to the next on Friday, January 13th, when he was hit by a Toyota RAV4. According to local law enforcement agents, the victim was rushed to a Seattle hospital where he eventually succumbed to his wounds on Saturday, eight days after the tragic collision. His children were left without parents, reports show.

The kids had already lost their mother in the Super Typhoon Haiyan, which occurred in the Philippines in 2013.

The victim’s family set up an online account to ask others to help with the expenses of taking the man’s body back to his homeland.

This absolutely tragic bike crash has torn us apart. We hope others reading this report are being cautious when driving near bicycle riders. Bicyclists are vulnerable due to the fact they do not have a metal shell protecting them in the case of a collision. Any minor incident may result in major injuries. We hope the victim’s family is receiving the attention and care they deserve in this time of need.

We hope local authorities are doing all they can to investigate this accident. Click here for more details on this tragic collision.


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