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Exploding Trucks, Rolling Sedans: Automakers Launch Recalls

All too often, recall campaigns are launched promptly, avoiding potential issues that could lead to crashes, injuries, and deaths. Unfortunately, not all drivers act as quickly.

According to a series of reports, two major automakers have launched recalls recently. These campaigns are important because at least one of them involves heavy duty trucks. And if an issue with a large truck is not addressed, the ramifications may impact a great deal of people.

The first report we are going to focus on is about Toyota.

Multiple reports have shown that Toyota has recalled several vehicles after learning that the units come with potentially ignitions that may not function correctly. Since drivers may be able to remove the ignition key even if the vehicle’s transmission is not in the Park position, these vehicles fail to meet important federal requirements regarding safety. It is the concern of officials that the vehicle may roll away accidentally if the key is removed from the ignition and the transmission is not in the Park position. A rollaway incident could cause the vehicle to expose pedestrians and other vehicles to injury or damage risks.

Toyota has announced that all impacted vehicle owners will be contacted in the near future. All ignition key and transmission interlock wiring connections will be corrected if needed. Entirely for free. Impacted vehicle owners are already being contacted, the company has stated. Recalled units include all 2017 Toyota 86 vehicles.

The second recall consumers should not ignore comes from Ford.

According to a series of reports, thousands of trucks manufactured between August 10 and September 17, 2016 were fitted with frame reinforcement brackets that may have not been attached to the front fuel tank strap, allowing the fuel tank strap to separate from the frame unexpectedly. If that occurs, the fuel tank may contact the ground, increasing the risk of a fire. Since recalled vehicles are super duty trucks, more specifically the 2017 F-250 and F-350, a fire risk could lead to serious or even deadly accidents.

Ford has already announced that dealers will inspect all impacted trucks and that a reinforcement bracket will be installed for free.

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