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E. Coli Found in Beef Products

The latest reports concerning the food poisoning incidents associated with Chipotle restaurants in Washington state have been consuming the media. But as news sites continue to focus on the aftermath, many consumers are deprived from important information regarding another E. coli-related incident.

According to a series of news reports, a company from Nebraska is recalling beef products that were sold nationwide because of E. coli.

The Nebraska meat supplier has recalled 167,427 pounds of beef products after a sample of the products tested positive for E. coli. The recall campaign was announced by the United States Department of Agriculture.

All American Meats, Inc. produced the recalled beef products in Omaha, Nebraska. Retailers across the country received the products that come with November 3 sell-by date. But since consumers may have frozen many of the left overs, officials are worried that the product could continue to expose consumers to health risks.

Recalled units come with USDA mark of inspections that read EST 20420. The ground beef items recalled with the help of the USDA were produced on October 16. The items were sold nationwide in 60 and 80-pound boxes.

Consumers exposed to E. coli may experience dehydration and bloody diarrhea. Since many individuals with weakened or compromised immune systems may experience serious health issues associated with these products, the recall was deemed necessary.

If you have the products in your possession, make sure to stop consuming them immediately. Have them returned to the place of purchase immediately to avoid health-related problems.

In the upcoming week, the USDA will release more information on the states more heavily impacted by this recall.

To consumers who are concerned about this recall and how they should proceed, read more about it here.

But if you were impacted by the Chipotle E. coli food poisoning episode and you’re experiencing the symptoms, seek the attention of a doctor immediately to get tested and obtain the care you require. This is the third time Chipotle consumers are exposed to potentially dangerous bacteria after eating at the Mexican chain. Consumers should not allow major companies like Chipotle to continue exposing them to health-related risks.

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