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DUI Accidents In WA Become More Common During The Summer

For Seattle and Washington drivers in general, summer can be a deadly time of the year. Accidents happen more often during this time of the year and we all know why: More drivers and riders hitting the road will undoubtedly lead to more accidents.

But another reason is always brought up but seldom discussed: intoxicated driving.

As drivers are intoxicated either by alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel, they become more likely to be involved in serious if not deadly accidents.

In 2016, DUI drivers were involved in several accidents, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission has announced. Unfortunately, that year alone at least 277 people died in these collisions while 371 others were seriously injured. Each summer, an average of 149 people are killed in DUI-related accidents.

One of these accidents’ victims was a man who, three years ago, was nearly killed in an accident with a truck driver who was impaired. As emergency responders helped the man to get to a hospital, they thought he wasn’t going to survive due to the severity of his wounds. After going to the hospital, he was in a coma for five days. And thanks to the impact, most bones in his face had been shattered. He had to have fingers amputated, and his right eye is blind. For a while, he couldn’t even walk or talk. But worst of all, the traumatic brain injury he sustained caused him short-term memory problems as well as other issues associated with focus.

After being subjected to surgeries to recover, he is now talking about the importance of driving sober. He hopes that his story will inspire others across the state to get a designated driver or a ride whenever they go out to drink. While this one victim was able to survive, many others aren’t as lucky.

As personal injury attorneys, we know just how dramatic and painful DUI accidents can be. We commend this victim for speaking out about his experience so others may learn the importance of never drinking and driving.

For more on this tragic accident, follow this link.

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