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DUI Accidents About A Whole Lot More Than Just Alcohol

Washington state legislators have successfully changed the distracted driving law in the state. Since then, many officials claimed that the different law was being effective. Now, officials are saying that it wasn’t just this law change that has been impacting drivers across the state. With more drivers having access to certain substances, DUI accidents are still common.

According to state officials, state police are concerned that DUI accidents are not only happening because of alcohol intake. Instead, many say that drivers are becoming intoxicated both on alcohol and other drugs.

The latest accident involving a DUI driver happened near Lakewood, reports show.

At least three people were killed in the tragic crash. The Washington State Patrol reported. According to the investigation, the driver involved in the accident is facing drug and firearm charges. According to officials, this particular DUI accident could have been prevented and lives could have been spared.

Unfortunately, this is the reality across the state, not only in Seattle.

Authorities say that more than 550 people in the Evergreen state have died in accidents caused by impaired drivers last year alone. Instead of letting this happen every year again and again, we must put safety first and work hard to avoid taking part in activities that will put ourselves and others in risk. Never drinking or doing drugs and driving is part of that.

As personal injury attorneys, we know this reality and understand that DUI accident victims suffer greatly to recover. Do not let recklessness and negligence win if you or a loved one has been the victim. Accidents are unfortunately still very common and drunken driving is just as dangerous as distracted driving.

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