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Distracted Drivers Could Soon Be Taped By Officers

In certain states across the country, lawmakers have been working tirelessly to develop new guidelines and pieces of legislation that target distracted driving. These new efforts hope to toughen existing laws or to add more restrictions, making sure that drivers understand the risks associated with the practice. After all, distracted driving, as well as intoxicated driving, is one of the most serious threats we face as drivers, seeing more and more motorists using cell phones while behind the wheel is terrifying and concerning.

That’s why many lawmakers in states like Maryland are hoping to pass a new legislation that would allow for police to videotape drivers who are using their phones while driving. While many have been saying that this legislation would be a problem over privacy concerns, lawmakers claim that passing the bill would help state lawmakers to create a tax force to look into this matter.

The central idea of the bill is to allow police cars to carry technology that would film drivers if they are spotted using their phones behind the wheel. And while the bill does not add any penalties over this particular change, it’s important to note that distracted driving is a serious problem that has been exposing drivers to a series of risks for years. And as the number of crashes tied to distraction continues to rise, many believe that only by passing new pieces of legislation will we be able to see a change in the culture.

Whether that is true or not, drivers must keep in mind that safety and responsibility must come first.

If you’re concerned about your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, you will never ignore the risks associated with distractions. Put your phone down and keep in mind that you should not be using it just because it’s illegal, but also because it may put your life in jeopardy.

In a recent survey, drivers appeared to be critical of others who are distracted while behind the wheel, nevertheless, they also showed confidence that they wouldn’t be acting dangerously if they are using their phones while behind the wheel. This is a huge mistake since drivers who are distracted take longer to respond to emergencies. For more details on how this bill will pan out, follow this link or watch the video below.

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