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Distracted Drivers Are Getting Busted By Unmarked Police Cars

Distracted driving has become such a serious problem nationwide that many states are taking initiatives that tackle the issues associated with the activity. Many have toughened distracted driving regulations while others have looked into better, more efficient ways of developing techniques that help law enforcement crack down on distracted drivers.

In states like Michigan, police have noticed that drivers were using their phones while behind the wheel all too frequently. As they also noticed that this practice had increased over time, they decided to change things around.

Before, when police officers in official patrol cars roamed the streets on the lookout for distracted driving, many drivers would hold their phones low to try to go undetected. Now, they are using unmarked vehicles to spot drivers who might be distracted by their phones.

The way the program works is simple. Officers in the unmarked patrol car spot drivers using their phones then contact other troopers so they may pull them over.

While this system often works, it isn’t complete without an educational push for better, safer, and more aware drivers.

We hope that the many law enforcement agencies across the country are taking on similar programs are also investing in educational efforts. Why? Because many drivers only need an extra push to be better.

Teaching about the dangers associated with distracted driving and how the practice may cause drivers to experience crashes and accidents, and how many of these may result in deadly consequences.

When it comes to effective ways to combat distracted driving, we must say that raising awareness along with cracking down on drivers who are distracted while behind the wheel is the most effective way to go about changing our states’ road culture. That’s why we dedicate so much of our time and effort to educate our readers and clients on the importance of focusing on the road.

We hope that you know that you have a responsibility to ensure your vehicle is being safely driven. Also, keep in mind that just like driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving while distracted will make accidents more likely. So put your phone down the second you sit behind the wheel and do not reach out for it until you have safely pulled over.

For more on this story and how some officials across the country are working to make sure that drives are not involved in car accidents because of distraction, follow this link.

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