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Distracted Driver Had iPhone, Tablet Attached To Steering Wheel

Distracted driving is a serious issue across the United States where over 3,000 people die yearly in accidents caused by distracted drivers. But in our neighbor to the north, Canada, the issue is also becoming a major problem.

Recently, a driver from Vancouver was caught with his iPhone and tablet attached to the steering wheel of his vehicle.

While the man had a cell phone mount on his dashboard, it was clear he was not making use of it as he attached both devices to the wheel instead.

We’re uncertain why exactly the driver chose to attach the devices to the wheel, but whatever he had in mind, it did not work.

An officer with the Vancouver Police Department’s traffic division pulled the man over, giving him a ticket for driving without his license. No word on whether the driver was reprimanded for driving while distracted.

Before this incident took place, we personally did not think that anyone would do anything like this to avoid handling their phone and tablet while behind the wheel. The way officials found the driver, is not clear whether he understood he was putting his own life in danger just so he could keep an eye on social media.

We hope that other drivers in both Canada and America are able to learn from this driver’s mistake as he ended up being cited and then mocked by the law enforcement agency.

In Washington, distracted driving has helped to increase the number of accidents statewide. As personal injury attorneys, we know how tragic distracted driving accidents can be and how damaging the are to those involved. It’s our hope to be able to help drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians, motorcycle riders and cyclists who are the victims of distracted drivers across the state.

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