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Distracted Driver Injured After Veering Off The Road And Crashing Into A Tree

With the weather warming up and coronavirus-related restrictions being slowly lifted as the state moves on to the next reopening phase, Washington state officials expect to see a growing number of vehicles on the roads. As you and yourloved ones go back to your routines, it’s important to keep in mind that with a greater number of drivers hitting the road, accidents will surely become more likely to happen. 

One of the issues that will face many drivers as summer approaches is distracted driving. 

Recently, a 41-year-old driver from Silverdale was involved in a distracted driving car accident while traveling on State Route 3. 

The driver was headed north when the vehicle veered off the road, striking a tree near Bremerton. 

According to the Washington State Patrol, the driver in the 2001 BMW X5 vehicle was using an electronic device while behind the wheel, which prompted her to become distracted. 

After crashing, the BMW flipped, resting on its side. The driver was sent to the hospital. 

Distracted Driving Is Never OK: Avoid Accidents This Summer

As summer approaches, we must remember that driving takes responsibility, and that driving while distracted is against the law. 

By allowing electronics and other activities to keep your attention away from the road, you put lives in danger. 

We hope this distracted driving accident serves as a reminder to Washington drivers that distractions are never OK while behind the wheel. 

Put the phone away and avoid using in-car infotainment systems while driving. If you need to make a call or send a text message, pull over safely and park the car before reaching out for your phone. When using navigation systems, input the information into the system before driving off, and never drink or eat while operating a vehicle. 

By taking these measures, you will be able to always avoid distractions.

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