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Deputies in Disguise Targeting Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is a serious problem that continues to expose drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and others to major risks.

According to a series of news reports, a crew of deputies in certain parts of the country are using disguises to teach drivers a lesson about distracted driving.

While drivers in Washington state may have never witnessed this approach to the fight against distracted driving, the effort should be celebrated simply because it helps to remind drivers that even if they are not being watched, they should not be driving while distracted.

In Colorado, a local sheriff’s deputy disguised as a panhandler was watching drivers who were distracted at a local intersection. He held a sign that read: “I am not homeless… I don’t need money… ASCO Deputy looking for distracted and texting drivers.” And yet few if any drivers were really aware of what was written in the sign.

Whenever the deputy spotted someone acting distracted, he would then radio other officers who would pull over the distracted motorist.

This particular effort is part of the local Sheriff’s department’s campaign to fight distracted driving. Oftentimes, deputies dress as panhandlers or as construction workers, keeping an eye on drivers who happen to be distracted. If they notice anything, other deputies are alerted.

In one of these stings, deputies say, at least 100 tickets were handed out to distracted drivers.

For those who are not discouraged by the law, remember that distracted driving can lead to deadly crashes. Focusing on the road at all times and on the act of driving will help you to avoid crashes.

While this effort is important, and we believe other law enforcement agencies could benefit from trying similar approaches, we also urge drivers to avoid waiting until they are ticketed to stop driving while distracted.

Since distractions may cause the driver’s response to slow down, they are more likely to be involved in collisions. Avoid this type of consequence by focusing on the road and staying put.

You may learn more about this effort by watching the video below or clicking here.

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