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Crash On I-5 Leaves Commuters Stranded

All too often, accidents happen for unknown reasons. But the consequences are so serious that they end up causing chain reactions. In other circumstances, these crashes simply cause a great traffic jam — a major headache on its own right.

One crash that happened on Interstate 5 left southbound commuters facing a two-mile backup this past Thursday. Of course, the ordeal caused many people to arrive late to their destination since the road was cleared only 40 minutes later.

While there were no reports of injuries or major consequences, it’s important to note how tragic and serious a crash may be. If drivers are serious about their safety, they should also be warned that being inattentive or intoxicated while behind the wheel may lead to crashes that could involve a great deal of vehicles.

In another state, a crash that happened recently involved a distracted driver. She wasn’t paying attention as she drove into a parking lot of a Subway restaurant. As she approached the building, she failed to stop and the vehicle crashed into the business’ front window.

While the crash didn’t expose anybody to injuries, it did cause property damage. The driver was charged with reckless driving and the business owner is now going to have to handle with his insurers to make sure the damage is covered.

Motorists must keep in mind that distracted driving can be serious and deadly. If they are not serious about their safety, they will be exposed to crash risks that could lead to injury, deaths, and property damage.

Washington drivers, keep it in mind that distracted driving is just as dangerous as intoxicated driving. Unless drivers are serious about their safety, they will also continue to expose others to dangers as well.

For more on the accident that stopped traffic in Seattle click here. Stay alert and on top of the risks associated with distracted driving by never allowing this activity to expose you or a loved one to any major risks. Stay safe and help make others safe by never ignoring potential dangers.

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