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Boeing 737 MAX Flight Crash – Boeing Under Scrutiny

Following the second fatal 737 MAX flight crash, Boeing is back on the news. And now, a Seattle law firm is suing the firm following the deaths.

According to multiple reports, European officials are grounding the MAX planes. Now, the Flight Attendant Union is also petitioning the FAA to do the same here in the United States.

The union believes that the public has no confidence in the plane any longer. And that if passengers are not confident they will not be flying. Perhaps, they are right. Especially if we consider the lawsuit.

The Lion Air crash that killed 189 people happened on Oct. 29, 2018. The plane nose-dived into the ocean out of Indonesia. On Sunday, the second tragedy involving the 737 MAX, killed 157 people. Just after takeoff, the pilot in the second aircraft sent a distress call.

As the FAA investigates, they already believe that there are similarities between the two accidents. This could mean that this aircraft model has a problem that needs addressing.

In Seattle, a law firm is suing Boeing, representing 17 of the Lion Air victims. According to the firm, Boeing is keeping important information about the 737 MAX that may be linked to the crash. The firm adds that Boeing is concealing this information to boost sales.

Whatever the reasoning, it is imperative that Boeing addresses this concerns as soon as possible. After all, lives are at stake.

Flight Passenger Safety Should Come First

Whether you’re a driver, a bicycle rider, or a flight passenger, safety should always come first. And for flight passengers, that means that this type of risk should be a consideration when booking your next trip. That’s why it’s important that companies like Boeing address these concerns. Especially if they do not want their reputation to suffer.

As the air travel business suffers with fewer passengers, companies will continue to do all in their power to cut costs. But sacrificing passenger safety should never be part of the mix.

As personal injury attorneys who have worked with victims of negligence such as the victims suing Boeing, we know just how important it is to hold the guilty accountable. Unfortunately, not all victims believe they have a chance.

Ignoring your injuries or even a loved one’s death because you’re not sure what you should do isn’t an excuse. Talking to an effective and experienced lawyer can help.

If you would like to learn more about the 737 MAX planes and the crashes, follow this link.

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