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BMW Fights Distracted Driving With Hologram System

Distracted driving is a serious issue. As it impacts drivers, pedestrians, and a series of others, automakers, phone service providers, and government agencies work, sometimes together, to put an end to the practice.

Recently, BMW announced that it would soon make its hologram system available to consumers. The technology would allow drivers to make use of holograms close to the steering wheel that would make it easier for the driver to control apps in the vehicle’s dashboard.

The system is known as HoloActive Touch, and according to BMW, it would help to reduce accidents caused by distractions. This technology could boost safety until the autonomous car technology takes over.

The technology works by having the holograms for the apps projected where the driver is able to tap to control it. These holograms can be used as if they were a touchscreen, allowing the driver to simply gesture in the air in order to have the vehicle’s system controlled in a way that won’t interfere with the driver’s focus.

According to the company, this type of system could make drivers interact with the software much easier.

In 2015, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported, 10 percent of the 35,092 traffic fatalities were associated with distracted driving. In November of 2016, the federal agency decided to propose a new guideline that would push cell phone manufacturers to add a driving mode to their phones. With this technology, the addition of a driving mode to cell phones could help to put an end to distracted driving.

While HoloActive Touch is not yet available, the company will be demonstrating the system during the 2017 CES, which will happen in January.

Whether you’re excited about the new technological advances we’re seeing taking place or not, it’s encouraging to see the private initiative taking matters into their own hands. If you would like to know more about this particular technology, follow this link.

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