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Bicycle Rider Killed In Hit-And-Run Car Accident

It has come to our attention that a deadly auto versus bicycle accident has claimed a life. We are saddened at this reporting and hope that by discussing this accident, we will help others avoid similar occurrences.

A tragic bicycle accident has claimed a life in Pierce County Wednesday, and the driver involved left the scene of the accident.

This horrific accident claimed the life of a cyclist in his late 20s, the report says.

While we do not know a great deal about this accident and what caused, it’s been reported that the accident was a hit-and-run crash. We urge you, Washington driver, to be safe and to put the safety of others first by never taking part in actions that may lead to similar accidents.

One of the first activities that comes to mind is distracted driving.

Many hit-and-run accidents can be avoided if drivers are focused on the road ahead and on the act of driving itself. Unfortunately, many drivers will ignore the risks and use a phone behind the wheel. As a result, they may end up hitting someone or driving past someone on a bicycle too close and too fast, increasing the risk of an accident. Because the driver is distracted, he or she will not even realize that an accident happened.

We hope that authorities are working to identify the driver involved in this accident and hope that our readers and clients are learning about the importance of never fleeing the scene of an accident, even if the accident wasn’t serious.

We also urge drivers to remember that distracted driving can be serious and deadly. Staying focused and putting the phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel will help you to avoid similar bicycle accidents.

For more on this particular accident, follow this link.

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