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Automakers Agree to Add Automated Brakes to Newer Vehicles

Many safety advocates are concerned that automakers are not doing enough to protect drivers and passengers. Due to their concerns, they often urge regulators to step in and make it a rule that newer cars are fitted with important, ground-breaking technologies. But all too often, automakers argue that the addition of the new features would drive manufacturing cost up, making it more difficult for consumers looking for more affordable vehicles to own newer models. The report comes from the Associated Press.

Now, it appears that things may be changing.

According to a series of news reports, US regulators and most major automakers that sell cars in America have agreed on making automated emergency braking a standard equipment feature on most vehicles by 2022.

Reports show that the authorities should announce the agreement on Thursday.

The idea is to add systems that make use of cameras, radar, and other sensors that read and identify objects surrounding the vehicle. These systems trigger the brakes once the driver fails to react in case the vehicle is approaching an obstacle ahead. According to many safety advocates, the technology may be already available to many newer vehicles, but this is the first time that automakers en masse have agreed to respond to the concerns and act accordingly to what regulators have been saying.

According to 2013 data, the presence of automated braking in vehicles helps to cut rear-end crashes by 40 percent. With the use of this technology in a more widespread manner, about 700,000 crashes may be avoided each year.

With the automated braking system, a great percentage of accidents may be avoided over time.

Whether you agree with the decision or not, you might agree that this change might represent a major improvement, making roads everywhere safer. Unless you’re a safety advocate who’s not entirely happy with the deal.

To many, the new agreement does not go far enough since it does not impose a mandate requiring the addition of the new systems. To them, the only way to ensure vehicles are 100 percent safer is to require that all automakers add the automated braking system.

For more information on what the agreement will accomplish, follow this link to read the full article.

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