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Authorities Investigate Dog Bites Found on Woman’s Body

Dog bite attacks happen all too often. And unfortunately for the victims, many of these incidents turn out to be fatal.

The latest tragic dog bite incident to hit the news in a big way comes from New York. And while this incident didn’t take place anywhere in Washington state, we decided to report on it to remind our readers and clients that these incidents happen all too often.

According to the police reports, a 68-year-old woman was found dead in the basement of her Staten Island home. When her body was examined, they found several dog bite marks.

Neighbors say that the woman’s daughter had two mixed-breed pit bull dogs in the home, but officials are still unclear whether the dog bites are related to the woman’s death.

While it’s still early to speculate on the causes that led to this incident, we feel many Washington residents are still unaware of the risks associated with familiar pets.

In many cases of dog bite incidents, the dogs involved in the attack are familiar to the victim. Too frequently, these victims are friends or family members of the pet owners, and they never imagine the dog they are familiar with will attack.

Unfortunately, they do attack.

According to official data, many of the deadly incidents caused by dogs happen inside the pet owner’s home, when the victim is least expecting.

It’s important to know what signs to look for in a dog that is acting aggressively. Instead of ignoring these signs, make sure to follow through and let your host or family member know that the dog is acting aggressively.

To know what signs to look for, watch the video below.

If you’re ever bitten by a dog, seek the attention of a physician immediately. Have the wound inspected thoroughly and make sure to keep track of all records associated with the incident. Take photos of the wound, keep records of hospital visits, and obtain information from the dog’s owner if the dog involved in the incident is not owned by a familiar individual.

For more on the tragic incident in New York, follow this link for the full article.

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