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As Washington Passes Tougher Distracted Driving Laws Oregon Follows

In Washington state, the dangers associated with distracted driving are bringing lawmakers to question whether current laws are enough to put an end to the practice. But this isn’t happening only in Washington. In Oregon it’s also become an issue — much like the rest of the country.

As more people now own smartphones than ever before, drivers become more likely to be involved in distracted driving accidents caused by inattention. As a result, lawmakers scramble to come up with the best approach to ensure this issue is addressed.

In the Evergreen state, lawmakers approved a bill this week that would make it a violation to hold or even touch a mobile electronic device while behind the wheel because it may lead to distracted driving. In Oregon, a similar measure is being reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to one of the lawmakers sponsoring the bill in Oregon, many of us are much more likely of being hit by someone using their phone to text or message than someone drinking and driving. This reality is becoming a trouble for authorities nationwide who are having a hard time enforcing laws already on the books. But as more laws are passed, these lawmakers hope to see fewer drivers using their phones while behind the wheel.

Until the new laws are passed, however, drivers across Washington should not ignore the risks associated with distracted driving. The practice can put an end to your safety simply because it will make you less likely to be alert and focused on what is going on ahead. As a result, this may cause you to be involved in a collision.

For more information on the new rules, follow this link. And whether the new piece of legislation is signed into law or not, steer away from trouble by focusing on the road. Put your phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel and avoid being distracted by passengers or outside elements.

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