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After Death Of 2-Year-Old, Company Recalls Dressers

The horrific death of a 2-year-old child after a dresser tipped over is bringing the product — and the manufacturer of the dressers — under scrutiny. It is also prompting many to ask whether furniture makers aren’t doing all in their power to prevent this type of accident.

According to a series of news outlets, South Shore Furniture recalled 310,000 chests of drawers nationwide. The products, sold as Libra 3-drawer chests, can fall over, posing a risk to small children. According to the company, consumers must anchor the dressers correctly to avoid accidents.

The horrific incident that led to this recall happened involved a 2-year-old who died after the unanchored and empty dresser fell on him. Another incident involved a child who suffered bruises and scratches after a drawer fell.

The recalled items weight 56 pounds when empty, consumer watchdog agencies reported.

Items listed under this recall include the dressers available online at Amazon, Walmart, Target and other retailers. The items come with a single metal handle and their model numbers are: 3046033, 3070033, 3070223, 3159033, 3159223, 3050033, 3050223, 3113033, 10430, 10433, 10680, and 10682.

If you own one of the recalled dressers and you worry about your children’s safety, put the chest somewhere children can’t access or anchor it properly to the wall. You may also contact South Shore for a refund and removal or to receive a tip-over restraint kit or installation.

Avoid Deadly Accidents: Respond To Recalls Quickly

When incidents such as this happen, we often wonder why companies don’t do enough to prevent them. Sometimes, firms only notice these issues after people suffer, but oftentimes, they are aware of the situation long before and yet, choose to ignore it. But ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. And if you’re responsible for a consumer product safety and you neglect your duty, problems will happen.

If you’re a consumer and you or a loved one suffered because of a negligent company, do not let it get away. Hold the firm accountable by obtaining justice with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

For more on this recall and the accident that prompted it, follow this link.

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