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After Deadly Motorcycle Accident, WSP Urges Caution

Washington State Patrol (WSP) officials are urging drivers to beware of the growing number of motorcyclists hitting the road as the temperatures rise. The warning follows a deadly motorcycle accident involving a Kennewick motorcyclist who collided with an SUV in Finley. The Monday accident prompted officials to urge drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycle riders. 

Visibility Issues Often Prevent Drivers From Spotting Motorcycle Riders

Many motorcycle riders know that oftentimes, drivers don’t see them. As a matter of fact, officials told news outlets, failure to see motorcyclists is one of the most common factors behind fatal motorcycle accidents. 

Unfortunately, some riders fail to act accordingly, ignoring the importance of riding defensively. 

In order to help prevent accidents, especially now that temperatures are beginning to rise and officials expect more riders to hit the road, both drivers and riders must do their part. 

Drivers must always check their blind spots for riders, and they should never be distracted by their phones, other electronic devices, or passengers while operating a vehicle. Additionally, drivers should be careful taking left turns and should never forget to use their turn signals.

Motorcycle riders can help prevent accidents by thinking ahead and not traveling above the speed limit.

If you see a vehicle that may be turning in front of you, prepare to take alternative, escape routes in order to avoid a collision. Furthermore, officials are reminding riders they should always assume drivers cannot see them and act accordingly.

Safety Gear Is Essential To Prevent Personal Injury

Another important piece of advice officials shared with news outlets was about safety gear. 

Regardless of the weather conditions, motorcycle riders should always wear helmets and protective clothing. 

While reflective gear can help riders stand out in traffic so they are more easily seen, protective clothing and helmets help riders prevent serious injuries. In Washington state, the law requires all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear a helmet that meets the WSP rules. If you’re a motorcycle rider, keep that in mind and never leave the house without your helmet.

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