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A Driver Got 10 Years For Killing Pedestrian In Distracted Driving Accident

Distracted driving continues to make victims. Unfortunately, many of the culprits remain at loose. One driver from Georgia just learned that he will spend ten years in jail after crashing into a pedestrian and then fleeing the scene of the accident.

The victim in this case died.

The court slapped him with the maximum sentence for leaving the accident scene involving a death.

The September 28, 2017 accident happened at about 6:30 in the morning. Police reported that the victim was walking on the shoulder of the road when the car going the opposite direction hit her.

Police reported that the driver crashed because of a distraction involving something inside the vehicle. In the official reports, officers say he drove several feet into the bicycle lane because of the distraction.

The victim received medical attention as soon as possible at a nearby hospital but her injuries were fatal.

The driver fled the scene, but witnesses followed him. Police eventually pulled him over about 10 blocks away from the accident scene and then taken into custody.

We hope that the victim’s loved ones are getting the support and comfort they require in this harsh moment of their lives.

Distractions And Driving Don’t Mix

Whether you believe you can get away with it or not, distraction and driving never mix. Even veteran drivers can crash because their distraction kept them from noticing potential risks ahead.

Unfortunately, many drivers believe that nothing can happen to them, so warnings regarding the dangers of distracted driving never bother them.

Hopefully, this case will remind drivers that distracted driving has serious and even deadly consequences.

To read more about this accident and the court case that followed, you can follow this link to read the full article. And remember, do not give in to distractions, no matter how good of a driver you are.

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