Six Self Defense Tips For Women, Teens, And Older Adults

Six Self Defense Tips for Women, Teens, and Older Adults

While no one ever wants to be put in a position of having to defend themselves against an attacker, there are a valuable thing to remember if that necessity does arise.

Remember that personal attacks can happen at any time, and the perpetrator can be either a stranger or someone you know or even love. The best way to survive is to be prepared.

Be aware of your surroundings. There are potential dangers in poorly lit areas and unfamiliar settings. When you travel to a new area, try to stay in well-lit areas, near other people.

Use the buddy system. People traveling alone are significantly more likely to be attacked. Attackers will usually wait to get a victim alone before striking. Don’t give him or her a chance- use the buddy system and stay safe.

Choose a weapon. While you don’t have to carry a gun, taser, or pepper spray, many people choose to keep a weapon on their person at all times. Even if you choose not to carry a conventional weapon, keep in mind that many items in your environment can be used as a weapon against an attacker. Car keys, lamps, extension cords, and even a flashlight can be used as a weapon in an emergency situation.

Make some noise. If an attack happens, try to make as much noise as possible. Oftentimes, when you are frightened your body initiates a fight or flight response. This can result in a freezing of your vocal cords. If this happens, use your environment to make as much noise as possible and draw attention to yourself. Knock over furniture, pound on the wall, throw anything within reach. All these things can attract the attention of persons in the area and can help you get the help you need.

Keep your cell phone on your body. Storing your cell phone in your purse or in the cup holder of your car will not help you if you are attacked. Always keep your cell phone in a pocket or on your body. If an attack occurs, you are not likely to grab your purse or even your phone. If you manage to get away from your attacker, you will need a way to call for help, so always keep your cell phone with you.

Always fight back. Cooperating with your attacker may seem like a smart thing to do, but self-defense experts advise you to always fight back. Your attacker intends you harm, and cooperating with him or her will not lessen that intention. Try to take your attacker by surprise and prepare yourself by taking a physical self-defense class.

Personal attacks are always unexpected, but you don’ have to be unprepared. Learn what to do to defend yourself against acts of violence by signing up for a local self-defense class. Practicing these techniques on a regular basis can one day save your life.

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