How Do You Know if You Have Legal Grounds for a Lawsuit?

How Do You Know if You Have Legal Grounds for a Lawsuit?

How Do You Know if You Have Legal Grounds for a Lawsuit?

Following an accident, many victims are faced with deciding if they have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. If you have a pervasive feeling that you have been wronged, or cheated, listen to your instincts. Ask a qualified attorney to examine your case.

If someone else can be held liable for your accident, you can file a claim. The liable party may be:

  • another driver
  • the operator of a motorcycle on which you were a passenger
  • persons responsible for maintaining safe road conditions
  • the manufacturer of faulty equipment that resulted in or contributed to your accident

Even if you were partially at fault, you can seek compensation for your injuries from others who contributed to the accident as well. Your reimbursement for damages will be lesser than if you were an innocent bystander, but some restitution can still be gained.

The Legal Process

Your lawyer will help you to prove that the defendant exhibited negligence, which led to the legal cause of the incident, and to the injuries you sustained. This requires collecting documentation from police, EMS, witnesses to the accident, and medical personnel treating your injuries.

Documentation can include written reports, witness testimonies, pictures, medical test results, and your own testimony. Your motorcycle accident attorney will use his knowledge, training, and experience to show that the evidence argues for a legal cause of your accident, establishing liability. Your attorney will also determine if the negligence of the defendant is excused by another law, and therefore renders your case invalid.

Expericed Motorcycle Collision Lawyers in Kirkland, Spokane, and Olympia

In many motorcycle cases, a settlement is reached outside of the courtroom via an agreement among the insurance adjuster, the plaintiff, and all attorneys involved.

Because the law is complex, people who have been injured in an accident often engage the services of an attorney to safeguard their rights and to achieve a just settlement on their behalf. Damages may be sought for the cost of medical treatment, to replace lost wages, as compensation for pain and suffering, and to address emotional distress and a loss of future earning capacity. Your settlement should offset the total effects of the accident.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and are wondering if you have legal grounds for a lawsuit, seek the advice of a qualified legal professional immediately. The law places restrictions on the length of time an injured person has to file a lawsuit. The Bernard Law Group is ready to help you get justice for your injuries, but only if you act in time. Call us today to discuss your accident.