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    Do You Have a Bellevue Personal Injury Case?

    Nothing can prepare you for the extensive toll that an accident can take on your life. You’re suddenly thrust into a world of insurance agents, legal jargon, and proving liability. Get a Bellevue personal injury attorney. It can be scary. Our law office represents clients like you and will get you the financial compensation you deserve.

    There’s Nothing We Won’t Do For Our Clients

    Our firm has recovered more than $500 million on behalf of our clients. You can rest assured that everything possible will be done to ensure that you receive just compensation for the burden that’s been placed on you and your family. Awards and settlements vary by case, but victims of auto accidents are entitled to damages for:

    – Lost Income
    – Emotional Distress

    – Medical Expenses
    – Incidental Expenses

    – Pain and Suffering
    – Repair Costs

    We Can Help You

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    Successful Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyers

    $20.5 MILLION verdict for a man who received Parkinson’s Disease after ingesting welding rod fumes.

    $7.9 MILLION settlement for the victim of an accident in which the driver of a big-rig fell asleep at the wheel.

    $1.6 MILLION settlement following the negligent delivery of a baby that left the infant with brain damage.

    We Can Help You

    In these and numerous other instances, the experienced Washington personal injury lawyers of the Bernard Law Group have fought on behalf of the victims of negligence in Bellevue. In our 30-year history, we’ve helped more than 10,000 victims of accidents, taken more than 100 cases to trial, and achieved a 98% success rate that includes cases in these practice areas:

    Product Liability
    Automotive Accidents
    Motorcycle Accidents
    Animal Attacks
    Nursing Home Abuse
    Medical Malpractice
    Drug Defects

    It’s our philosophy that everyone is entitled to fair compensation for their injuries. This is not just limited to the pile of medical bills that are a result of your accident. Insurance companies look at their claims and often will offer damage amounts that only take this single factor into account, but there’s far more to a case than that. Lost income, pain and emotional suffering, and long-term medical care all deserve restitution, and you can’t always get that without the help of a personal injury lawyer.

    Bellevue Accident Victims, Let Us Help You Recover What You Deserve.
    We don’t get paid unless you do!

    Are You A Car Accident Victim In Bellevue? We Can Help You!

    Not sure that you require the services of a Bellevue car accident attorney? Take it from us. You probably do. If the negligence of another person has compromised your ability to live your life as you choose, regardless of the nature of the car accident in Bellevue, you deserve proper compensation.

    To top it all off, you have to cope with your injuries while trying to juggle all the other painful aspects of the incident. You have been injured on the job and need someone to fight for you to get proper workers’ compensation. The important thing to remember is that you do not have to do these things alone.

    Cases Our Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

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    Car Accidents
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    Slip and Fall Injuries
    Motorcycle Insurance: State Laws
    Motorcycle Accidents
    Bellevue Truck Accident Attorney
    Truck Accidents

    Our Personal Injury Lawyers Fight For Your Rights

    Whether you were the victim of a car accident in Bellevue, Washington, or a victim of a defective consumer product, it’s important to have someone on your side. Our personal injury lawyers fight for your rights in court.

    Having a personal injury attorney ready to help you with your case has many advantages. Most of all, it means you will never be alone while sorting through all the details.

    Recover Monetary Damages


    Bernard Law Group’s Bellevue lawyers know exactly what steps to take to possibly recover monetary damages from negligent parties. With the financial support, you’ll be able to recover, pay off medical bills, and make up for lost wages. However, you need to act quickly.

    Keys to Success


    For a case to be successful, attorneys require as much evidence pertaining to your injuries as you can gather. That’s why it’s important to consult with an attorney immediately after seeking medical help. Contact us before signing anything from an insurance company.

    At Bernard Law Group, our Bellevue personal injury lawyers are ready to help you every step of the way. They will help you prepare to win your case and won’t rest until they are able to truly help you.

    The Proof Is In Our Case Results

    Over $500 Million recovered for our past clients. Let us help YOU!

    Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation.

    What Our Clients Say

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