Zorb Ride in Russia Ends in Man’s Death

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January 9, 2013
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January 9, 2013

A 27-year-old man was killed at a ski resort in Russia last week when he was riding in an inflatable ball that veered off course and went off a rock ledge in the mountains.

Two people were riding in the plastic transparent ball, which is called a zorb. The ball reportedly started rolling faster and bouncing and then went off a cliff. One man died and the other was seriously injured. Both had been ejected.

The emergencies minister in Russia has demanded more enforcement of safety rules for winter sports. A deputy director for Russian’s largest zorb supplier said all safety rules were being violated in the fatal crash. Federal investigators are inspecting the resort and attempting to determine who was responsible for the ride.

Zorbing should only be done on gentle slopes with fences on both sides and a secure spot at the end where the ball can come to rest.

Russian state television reported that the main reason for fatalities in winter sports in Russia is that people ignore basic safety standards. A video showed people sledding on a hill that was marked “no sledding.” Six people have reportedly been injured at that location.

Before you try any winter sports, make sure safety precautions are being taken on the mountain. Not all resorts or parks treat safety equally. Also, use a helmet and other safety gear and follow all instructions.

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