Yakima Police Chase Ends in Crash, Arrest

Two officers were injured in a high-speed car chase through Yakima Valley on Monday.

A state Corrections officer and Yakima County sheriff’s deputy suffered minor injures in a crash when the car they were in landed on top of a fleeing stolen Chevrolet pickup.

Police followed suspect Elijio Mendoza through Yakima, Union Gap and rural West Valley at speeds up to 75 mph. During the chase, the suspect tried to break into a home, stole a pickup, crashed through a fences, then smashed into a ditch in a pasture in Yakima.  The police SUV struck the same ditch and bounced into the pickup’s bed, according to news reports.

After the crash, the injured officers continued to tackle 33-year-old Mendoza and arrest him.

“I’m glad we got him, too, because I would not want to chase him again,” said Erik Hampton, a Yakima Police detective working with the Yakima County Violent Crimes Task Force, to news reports.

Along with the charges of the chase, Mendoza is wanted on assault charges.

As a Yakima car accident attorney, I’m glad to see the officers were able to walk away from the car accident with non-life threatening injuries. High-speed car chases are extremely dangerous because other innocent victims on the road could be involved and dangerous car accidents like this one could occur.