WSP Troopers Get New, Safe Motorcycles

The Washington State Patrol is switching motorcycles to conduct patrols on, which will hopefully increase safety and decrease cost, according to news reports.

Washington State Patrol motorcycle troopers will transition from BMW motorcycles to Honda ST 1300 Pas, according to news reports. So far, 12 of the 43 full-time motorcycle troopers have transitioned to the new motorcycles.

The Honda ST 1300 PA motorcycles were specifically built for law enforcement, according to news reports. The bikes are good for balance, maneuverability and acceleration. They also will be less expensive to maintain that the previous BMW bikes, according to the Washington State Patrol.

It is unclear how much the bikes cost the Washington State Patrol initially.

As a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney, I’m glad to know motorcycle police officers will be using bikes that will make them safe with good balance, maneuverability and acceleration. I hope these troopers can do their job while making people safe on the roadways while using these bikes. I urge other motorcycle riders to also ride bikes with good balance, maneuverability and acceleration, as well as always using a helmet and other protective garb.

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