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WSP Trooper: Here’s How To Avoid Head-On Accidents

WSP trooper gives Seattle residents tips on how to avoid head-on accidents. personal injury lawyer seattle

As Washington state sees an increase in speeding and other factors that lead to deadly accidents, Washington State Patrol (WSP) officials are urging the public to be cautious. As temperatures rise and more drivers hit the road across the Evergreen state, officials are offering drivers important tips on how to prevent crashes. 

WSP Trooper: Wrong-Way Accidents Can Be Prevented

On Twitter, WSP Trooper C. Thorson shared a video going over some important steps Washington drivers must take to avoid wrong-way collisions. 

The first thing to remember to stay safe, Trooper Thorson explained, is to stay in the right lane at all times. 

When drivers travel in the wrong lane, they are more likely to drive in your left lane, as they might be confused and might think they are on a two-lane road. When you drive in the right lane, you help avoid a head-on crash in Washington involving a wrong-way driver.  

Washington Drivers: Look Ahead To Avoid Crashes

In his instructional video, the WSP Trooper explained that keeping your eyes on the road while driving is essential to prevent head-on accidents. 

Washington drivers should keep in mind, however, that paying attention to the road also involves looking down the roadway. When you look down the road, you can spot potential risks and act promptly to avoid collisions. 

In the case you spot a wrong-way driver, the official added, you should pull over to the right of the roadway and flash your headlights in order to help the driver see you. 

Avoid Wrong-Way Accidents, Keep Your Headlights On

In Washington state, all drivers must turn their vehicle’s headlights on from a half hour after sunset until a half hour before sunrise. Likewise, drivers must turn headlights on whenever conditions negatively impact visibility, such as when it rains. 

In order to avoid wrong-way accidents, the Washington official said, anyone driving on highways should remember state law and keep their headlights on. Even when driving during the day, having your headlights on at all times can help prevent accidents. 

Keep Distractions At Bay

The last tip on how to prevent accidents involving wrong-way drivers is to never drive while distracted. 

Trooper Thorson explained that only a few seconds of distraction are enough to keep you from reacting in time to prevent an accident. 

When traveling in Washington keep in mind that, as temperatures rise, roads will become busier. According to the WSP, wrong-way drivers are often under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you see a driver who’s acting erratically while behind the wheel, pull over to a safe spot and call 911 to report the vehicle to the authorities. 

For more on what the WSP Trooper had to say about preventing wrong-way collisions in Washington, follow this link.  

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